There I was, on a hot summer day, sitting in my parent’s backyard when I heard the ambulance sirens off in the distance.  I quietly said a little prayer for everyone that was going to be affected by whatever event happened that an ambulance was required.  That summer I had been going over to myContinue reading “Home”

Waiting on Breakfast

Every morning when I open my eyes I have 3 of my 4 cats laying on my bed or sitting wide awake in my doorway, just waiting for me to get up and feed them breakfast. As soon as I swing my legs out of the bed they are meowing and running to the laundryContinue reading “Waiting on Breakfast”

The wrong email

I’ve done it. I’m sure you have too. Whether it was a text, email or phone call, accidentally contacting someone you didn’t mean to. Today I was the recipient of an email that wasn’t for me…yet it was about me. And it wasn’t very nice. The sender quickly sent another email right after they hadContinue reading “The wrong email”

Walking on Water

Heavenly Father, Here I am again, Lord. Struggling to believe in your faithfulness and goodness that You have planned for me. The lies of satan have been loud and I’m struggling to turn them off. So, I will choose to remember how you lead me through a desert, to a place where waters will flow.Continue reading “Walking on Water”

I’m still here

Dear Beloved, I know today is hard for you. I was there twenty years ago when you made those vows. It breaks my heart too, what happened. Look for me today. I’m still here and I’m going to keep loving you and taking care of you. I’m still singing for you. Zephania 3: 17  TheContinue reading “I’m still here”

Mama Deer

Dear Beloved, I know you’re sad, confused, angry and that this is a hard month for you. This afternoon I’m going to let you observe what I’m like. Did you see that mama deer pop up out of the wheat field that you are harvesting? I know that by seeing her, you most likely knowContinue reading “Mama Deer”

The House Part 2

Dear Jesus, It’s the middle of June 2020. I’m in the middle of a dark pit. You know this. I cry out for help daily. One way to help myself get out is to remember your faithfulness. Here’s the rest of the house story and how you worked out everything for my good. December 2018Continue reading “The House Part 2”

The House

Fall 2018 Dear Beloved, I want you to know that I am very aware of your situation. I see everything that is happening and what is going to happen. I know the financial strain that you are under, not to mention the emotional strain as well. I see you up late at night, constantly tryingContinue reading “The House”

Love Letters in the Sky

Dear Heavenly Father, Thank you. Thank you for that love letter in the sky this morning. It was stunning. I’ve thought about it all day long and can’t get the picture out of my mind. And to think, you created that for me. Thank you. Thank you for helping me find the positive during theContinue reading “Love Letters in the Sky”

Day one

Dear Beloved, I want you to know I heard your prayers. Every single one of them. I know you don’t understand what I’m doing, none of this makes sense. It may feel like I’ve abandoned not only you, but your children. I do love them more than you can imagine. For You shaped me, inside andContinue reading “Day one”


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