Love Letters in the Sky

Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank you.

Thank you for that love letter in the sky this morning. It was stunning. I’ve thought about it all day long and can’t get the picture out of my mind. And to think, you created that for me. Thank you.

Thank you for helping me find the positive during the difficult times. I have so many things to be thankful for today. A nice ride with my dad. Meeting new neighbors. Having a nice visit with them and even getting some needed help with a small chore. Supper and delicious ice cream with a friend. Getting to spend the evening with other friends. And there was so much more.

I know it’s only day 4 for this “new normal”, but I feel like if I keep looking for you, that I’ll find you and together we’ll get to the other side. That love letter in the sky this morning, made me feel so loved. You really know the way to this girls heart. Breathtaking sunrises. Getting to meet new people (and from another country, what a bonus!). Friends. Ice cream. Some days I feel you spoil me too much. I don’t deserve all the love you have for me.

I often am amazed at this life I live and think of all the missed opportunities had my life turned out how I wanted. I still don’t know where you’re taking me, but I’m buckled up and ready for the ride.

Let’s go. Take me where you want me Lord.

I love you,

Your Beloved

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