Mama Deer

Dear Beloved,

I know you’re sad, confused, angry and that this is a hard month for you. This afternoon I’m going to let you observe what I’m like.

Did you see that mama deer pop up out of the wheat field that you are harvesting? I know that by seeing her, you most likely know she’s got a baby in this field. You notice that she just keeps looking into one direction. That mama deer knows her baby is out there, in the wilderness, all by itself, not even tall enough to see where it’s going. The deer keeps moving around, but never takes her eye off that one part of the field. She even disappears from your sight for awhile. You’re starting to wonder if she just up and left her baby.

Oh, Beloved, I’m just like that mama deer. I know you feel like you’re in the wilderness, lost, fumbling around trying to find your way out. Looking for hope. Looking for Me.

But do you see it! She’s back. She never left her baby, she just moved to where you couldn’t see her. No matter where she goes, she’s always got her eye on the spot where the baby is. She has not left what matters to her the most. Even though you may not see me right now, I’m still here. I never left. I’m still watching you, protecting you.

When it’s starting to get late you see that mama deer bolt in the field, going after her precious baby. Although it seemed like she had abandoned her, she was really ready to give up her life for her child. Deer will protect their babies from predators by trying to get the predator to come after them, thus keeping the baby safe.

I gave up my son for you. I sent my son to die for you. That’s how much I love you. I will be here for you, forever.

I’m glad I was able to show you my love for you today. Thanks for looking for me. Keep looking. Keep seeking.

I’m here, waiting for you.


Your Heavenly Father

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